Erja Huovila

Tarja Mustakallio

Milvi Pesari

Riitta Talonpoika

Osuuskunta Ruukin Aura/Ruukin Aura Cooperative

Art and handicraft in Fiskars Village

Aura is the name of the boutique where four creative and accomplished craftswomen sell their art and handicraft in the heart of Fiskars Village, home of an old ironworks dating back to 1649. These industrious ladies live and work in Fiskars Village.

Riitta Talonpoika, ceramics

Riitta Talonpoika is a ceramicist who designs her own works, most of which she throws by hand on the potter’s wheel. She typically makes utility objects in hand-thrown semi porcelain and stoneware, which is then hand-painted, -drawn and inlayed  in a variety of colored clay slips. She also makes unique utility ceramics in a wood-fired kiln.

“I consider the essence of my work is conveying thoughts and ideas, through direct contact with clay  – a material with endless possibilities. By making small, unique and limited series, I seek to provide an alternative to mass-produced objects. In a skillfully handcrafted object, it is important to achieve the right ergonomics, so that the user can focus on the aesthetics of the object. I think the final object should reflect the joy I experience in creating it and the emerging ideas that continue to grow and bring pleasure when the object used. Just as no two people are identical, I think the same should apply to the objects that we use.”

Riitta Talonpoika

Milvi Pesari, textile products from natural fibres

Milvi designs and makes textile products from linen fabric under the Pilvi Pisara brand. Most of the textiles she makes are intended for everyday use in home. Her simple, basic products are easy to coordinate with other home furnishings. The collection also includes home wear. Besides classic products, the collection features unique items made from remnants of linen fabric and knitted cloth from garments made earlier. Milvi lives and works in Fiskars Village.

Milvi Pesari

Tarja Mustakallio, artisan

Tarja is an artisan whose work begins with designing the pattern and product. Her bags are made of fairly thick fabric made from natural fibres and hand printed. Tarja makes different types of unique bags, necessary bags and interior design textiles. Since 2008, she has made these products under the SeriMeri brand. Tarja lives and works in Fiskars Village.

Lisää tietoa saat SeriMeristä tästä ja verkkokauppaan pääset tästä.



Tarja Mustakallio

Erja Huovila, paper and paper products

Erja uses traditional methods to makes paper by hand from old fabrics, for example. Top quality, handmade paper is ideal for a range of uses: printing graphics, drawing, handicraft and even printer paper.

Erja has designed and made a collection of products which includes unique books bound using different methods, cases and Japanese boxes. She learnt to make paper and boxes in Japan under the guidance of local masters.

Erja lives and works in Fiskars Village. She also prints graphic art.

Erja Huovila

Kirsti Doukas




My working methods are guided by both curiosity and an ambitious attitude towards the act of making. Through my work, I consider the relationship of the artisan and designer, and their role of making things by hand in the future, in an ever-changing world of new technologies. The combination of 3D printing and CNC technology with the traditional techniques of goldsmithery and artisanry is a source of ongoing inspiration and creates interesting possibilities in design and technical production. I feel it is important that the artisan is always informed by material and form.




My work stands out in the way it tells a story. Jewellery tells a story on many different levels. The planning phase of my work is based on thorough background research, and every decision in terms of form is considered and well founded. The beautiful surroundings of Fiskars Village work as a creative inspiration for me, and have done already for 14 years.


Dekadenz jewelry combines new technology and expert handicraft. See more information and the shop.









Closed 7.1.2023-17.2.2023

Address: Fiskarsintie 358 10470 Fiskars

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